Jennifer M.

Jennifer M. - Unit 3

Jennifer Massey Hometown: Bristow, Virginia

Status: K9 Handler and VSRDA Treasurer

Alter Ego:

Qualifications: Advanced First Aid and CPR with AED. VSRDA Evaluator, ARDA Evaluator. FTM, FTL, MLSO with VDEM. Member of Virginia Task Force One ( VA-TF1)

DOG K9 Atticus and K9 Phayu
n Memory: K9 Ulysses and K9 Haley and K9 Legion

Recommended Reading:

Major Deployments/Misc: Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan - March 2011

Most Memorable Moment:

Notes: Jennifer has been a member of the Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association (VSRDA) since 1993 and has certified canines in wilderness, disaster, human remains and water search. She currently works Atticus (certified in disaster and area search) and Phayu (in training for disaster, area, and water search).

Since joining VSRDA, Jennifer has attended numerous wilderness, water and human remains detection missions. Jennifer has also been a member of Virginia Task Force One (VA-TF1) since 1999 and has certified 3 dogs per the FEMA Disaster Search standards.

She has been deployed with VA-TF1 on hurricanes Isabel (1999), Katrina (2005), Ophelia (2005), Ernesto (2006) and the Tsunami in Japan (2011). Jennifer lives in Bristow, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. with a German Shepherd, a Labrador and some cats.


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