K9 Angus

K9 Angus

Born: 05 Jan 2011

Status: Operational

Qualifications: Wilderness Area Search & Certified FEMA Disaster Dog.

Favorite Treat: Anything he can get his mouth on!!

Handler: Paul S.

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K9 Buckle

Born: Jan 2018

Status: Certified HRD

Qualifications: Certified ARDA Human Remains Detection

Favorite Treat: Ribeye

Handler: Shauna W.

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K9 Zoe

paw soon



Status: In-Training for Wilderness Area Search


Favorite Treat:

Handler: Alicia M.

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K9 Phayu

K9 Phayu-profile

Born: 5 Dec 2011

Status: Operational - Area Search (April 2017), FEMA Disaster Search (February 2015)

Qualifications: Certified FEMA Disaster Search & Certified ARDA Area Search

Favorite Treat: Everything - he's a Lab!

Handler: Jennifer M.

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K9 Fielder

K9 Fielder-profile

Born: 10 March 2010

Status: Operational (Nov 2012 - current)

Qualifications: ARDA Human Remains Detection, VDEM Water Recovery, North American Police Working dog (NAPWDA) - Human Remains detection & FEMA certified HR Disaster canine.

Favorite Treat: To sit and enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

Handler: Sally D.

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K9 Loki

K9 Loki-headshot Born: 02 July 2015

Status: Operational Live-Find 

Qualifications: Certified FEMA Disaster Dog & ARDA Certified Area Search Canine

Handler Sally D.

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K9 Jessie

K9 jessie profile

Born: 30 May 2011

Status: Operational Live-Find (2014 - Current) with 2 handlers 

Qualifications: ARDA Certified Area Search Canine & Certified FEMA Disaster Dog

Favorite Treat: Dock Diving

Handler: Sally D. & Shauna W.

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