VSRDA Dog Memorials

We give thanks to our treasured partners, who worked faithfully and lovingly.

K9 Ulysses

K9 Ulysses

06 July 1998 - 28 April 2010

Qualifications: FEMA Certified Disaster Dog from November 2002 until May 2007

Handler: Jennifer M.

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Number of Finds: 1 (deceased)

Non-SAR trick: Falling asleep with a "puffy" in his mouth.

Notes: Ulysses was a wonderful dog and a great partner. He loved to work and no matter what was asked of him he always gave 100%. Ulysses deployments included: Hurricanes Isabel (2003), Katrina (2005), Ophelia (2005), and Ernesto (2006).

I "shared custody" of Ulysses with a very dear friend of mine. For 9 years Ulysses split his time between the two of us and enjoyed his retirement with Elizabeth in Winchester, VA. Retirement was good to Ulysses and he spent his days playing ball (his favorite game) and spending time at Elizabeth's river house which was one of his favorite places.

It was a joy and an honor to be able to work with such a wonderful animal. We loved him very much and he will be missed.

Photos of K9 Ulysses

K9 Ulee and K9 Georgia at Katrina
K9 Ulee and K9 Georgia working after Hurricane Katrina

K9 Ulee and K9 Haley
K9 Ulee and K9 Haley in their prime

K9 Ulee and Elizabeth
K9 Ulee and Elizabeth

K9 Ulee and Jen
K9 Ulee and Jennifer

K9 Ulee in a hole
K9 Ulee and Jennifer working out of a hole

K9 Ulee
K9 Ulee and Jennifer work obedience

K9 Ulee ready to slide
K9 Ulee ready to slide

K9 Ulee working rubble pile
K9 Ulee working the rubble pile