VSRDA Dog Memorials

We give thanks to our treasured partners, who worked faithfully and lovingly.

K9 Georgia

K9 Georgia

K9 Georgia


Qualifications : Certified FEMA Disaster Dog. ARDA Certified Area Search Canine and Human Remains Detection.

Favorite Treat: Georgia would spit out a hot dog for a toy. 

Handler: Teresa M.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Deployments: March 2011 to Japan, following Earthquake and Tsnuami.

Non-SAR trick: Georgia was all business--no tricks. :)

Notes: Georgia was a part of the Hurricane Katrina effort. She searched islands off of the Bolivar Peninsula, transported there by airboat, to look for for the remains of those still missing from Hurricane Ike. But her favorite search was when she was young and newly operational. She found an elderly woman missing in Prince William Forest Park, injured and dehydrated, deep in the woods. Her family was so happy to see her carried out of the woods on the Park Ranger's shoulder's, Georgia happily wagging alongside.


Photos of K9 Georgia

K9 Ulee and K9 Georgia at Katrina
K9 Ulee and K9 Georgia working after Hurricane Katrina


K9 Georgia after a doog day
K9 Georgia after a doog day


K9 Georgia makes a find
K9 Georgia makes a find on the rubble


K9 Georgia at Bolivar Pennisula
K9 Georgia searching at Bolivar Pennisula


Videos of K9 Georgia

(Georgia was 10y.o in this video). Here, she was working a short wilderness exercise. K9 Georgia had several "finds" in her lenghty career and retired due to cancer. Her indication of a live-find, was to Stay-and-Bark, a FEMA standard.