K9 Angus

K9 Angus

Born: 05 Jan 2011

Status: Operational

Qualifications: Wilderness Area Search & Certified FEMA Disaster Dog.

Favorite Treat: Anything he can get his mouth on!!

Handler: Paul S.

Breed: Labrador

Non-SAR trick: Stop, Drop, and Roll.

Notes: Angus is Bayou's little brother and son of Banks. He shares the same birthday as his handler, a few years difference though. Angus is also starting his training as a disaster dog with Virginia Task Force 1. Until a few months ago, he went to work with his handler to the fire station everyday. That's where he learned the importance of " Stop Drop and Roll". When Angus isn't training, he enjoys watching the Boston Red Sox with his handler.


Photos of K9 Angus

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K9 Angus