Jennifer P. - Unit 25

Jen P Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Status: K9 Handler

Alter Ego: Staff Trainer at Dogtopia Dulles

Qualifications: SOLO Wilderness First Aid & CPR with AED. FTM and FTL with VDEM

DOG K9 Grom

  Recommended Reading: “Don't Shoot the Dog” Karen Pryor, "Scent of the Missing" Susanna Charleston and the SAS Guide to Wilderness Survival

Major Deployments/Misc: I am instantly happy in the outdoors. What else is there?

Most Memorable Moment: Camping with my dad in Zion National Park, Utah. Marrying my husband. Becoming Operational with my first dog.

Notes: Did you know that it is possible to train any animal? I have trained crocodiles, birds, turtles, mammals, and even lizards! All you need is a signal to tell them they have done the right thing, such as a whistle or clicker, and a reward.

Her Blog about Search and Rescue is at:

Photos of Jen

Jen and K9 Grom 2011
Jen and K9 Grom, November 2011 with 1 final test to go before becoming an operational K9 unit.


Grom getting reward toy
Grom loves getting his reward toy, a nice tug with a human attached to play tug-a-war!