K9 Cooper

K9 Cooper

27 August 2007 - 28 December 2015

Status: Operational (April 2009 - December 2015)

Qualifications: Area Search (ARDA) and Human Remains Detection (ARDA) and Certified Advanced Cadaver (IPWDA)

Favorite Treat: Turkey hotdogs

Handler: Autumn M. and David M

Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Non-SAR trick: "Cleaning up" after kids.

Notes: Cooper had 2 handlers, Autumn and David, a husband and wife team. Throughout training, Cooper showed a great willingness to work for either handler, and he tested and certified with both in area search. While David was deployed, Cooper certified in HRD with Autumn and made his first find.

Photos of K9 Cooper

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Videos of K9 Cooper's Training: From Puppy to Search Dog