Retired Dogs

Our salty friends, enjoying a "calm" retirement after years of training & searching. Job well done.

K9 Juno

K9 Juno

Retired: April 2016

Born: October 2009

Status: Operational (April 2012 - April 2016)

Qualifications: Canine Good Citizen, Area Search K9 (ARDA)

Favorite Treat: Broccoli and blueberries (the latter tastes best if rolled on the floor or tossed at her)

Handler: Jutka T.

Breed: German Shepherd

Non-SAR Trick: Juno loves to bob for the kids’ toys in the bathtub. If she cannot reach the toy, she turns on the Jacuzzi with her nose and then turns it off when the toy swims closer. And she properly blows bubbles when she puts her nose under for a toy on the bottom of the tub.

Notes: Juno is a half sister to K9 Danne.

Photos of K9 Juno

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Videos of K9 Juno


Juno is a German Shepherd dog, in training for Area search. In the above videos, she is applying a learned indication to some very short search sequences.

Certified ARDA Area Search Canine