K9 Keys

K9 Keys

Born: 2007

Status: Retired. Operational (Oct 2009 - Feb 2014)

Qualifications: Certified ARDA Human Remains Detection

Favorite Treat: Anything that tastes like a tennis ball

Handler: Teresa M.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Non-SAR trick: A swan dive into the pool (ok, it looks a little like a belly-flop)

Notes: Operational (Oct 2009 - Feb 2014). Keys is a little whirlwind of non-stop energy. She loved search training. When not searching, she will retrieve until your arm drops off. She's a loving dog, best friend to Banks, and will do anything for a tennis ball. Against the odds, Keys had a find on her very first search, locating a woman the authorities had been trying to find for months.


K9 Keys in the News

Keys searching a MD warehouse collapse in June 2012  - in the News (PDF)Keys NC search July2012

K9 Keys makes a find (on her very first search) - in the News


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K9 Keys works the water from a boat
K9 Keys works the water from a boat.


Keys sitting pretty
Keys sitting pretty


Keys Food
Keys, thinking about....food?