Autumn M. - Unit 9

Autumn M Hometown: Texas

Status: K9 Handler and VSRDA webmaster

Alter Ego: Personal Dog Trainer with Steady Dog Training

Qualifications: VSRDA Evaluator, ARDA Evaluator. EMT-B, CPR with AED. STM & MTM with VDEM

DOG: K9 Kona
In Memroy:  K9 Cooper

Recommended Reading: Who Moved My Cheese? by Dr. Spencer Johnson

Major Deployments/Misc: I was able to search once with David M. and a dog we both were certified on. 

Most Memorable Moment: Seeing the faces of family members when they find out their loved one is alive and well. 

Notes: "My husband & I both participated in SAR with our first dog, Cooper. We trained the dog together for area search. It wasn't easy and we needed to communicate, even the most minuscule things. However, sharing SAR with a spouse is truly fantastic."

In 2013, while using the metro system in Washington DC, I had to help a woman deliver her baby. #metrobaby

Photos of Autumn

Autumn asking K9 for directions
"Hey, Cooper, should we have taken a left at Albaquerque?"


Autumn & K9 Cooper's 160-acre test
Autumn & K9 Cooper on their 160-acre test